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Indian Oaks Academy

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 101 Bramble
PO Box 796
Manteno, IL 60950
Phone: 815.802.3700
Fax: 815.468.2320
Website: www.nexustreatment.org
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Adolescent Program
Description: For males ages 16 to 19 who have committed sexual offenses. This program addresses the needs of boys with chronic patterns of maladjustment including sexual behaviors which require intensive structure, supervision, and treatment. Through individual and group counseling, the boys address their issues of sexuality, family, vocational and life skill development, and chemical abuse/dependency.
Phone: 815.468.2300
Website: www.nexustreatment.org

Service/program name: Aftercare and Follow-Up
Description: The Indian Oaks Academy provides discharge and placement services for residents reentering the community in independent living, foster care, or other supervised living arrangements. Through this service, referrals for further therapy or other necessary services are made. In addition, the Aftercare Coordinator for the Indian Oaks Academy remains in contact with the resident up to three years after discharge in order to monitor progress, provide support, or make additional referrals.
Phone: 815.468.2300
Website: www.nexustreatment.org

Service/program name: Early Adolescent Program
Description: Two distinct programs for boys ages 12 through 14 and boys ages 14 through 16 who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviors or have committed sexual offenses. These programs are designed to meet the unique developmental needs and limitations of adolescents with a history of maladjustment and harmful behaviors. A progressive privilege system helps these boys create accountability for their actions. Family therapy, chemical health, and sexuality treatment are provided to each child and his family as needs indicate.
Phone: 815.468.2300
Website: www.nexustreatment.org

Service/program name: Female Adolescent Residential Program
Description: This program, while not specifically designed to address issues of sexual perpetrating behaviors, treats girls with behavior disorders, many of whom have been victims of sexual abuse. Issues including empowerment, co-dependency, coping skills and appropriate social skills are addressed within the context of an individualized and gender-specific program.
Phone: 815.468.2300
Website: www.nexustreatment.org

Service/program name: Female Adolescent Sex Offender Program
Description: This gender-specific program emphasizes empathy, positive sexuality, and responsible decision-making through structured group and individual counseling. Issues of sexuality, family, chemical abuse, and vocational planning are explored and addressed in a holistic, individualized manner.
Phone: 815.468.2300
Website: www.nexustreatment.org

Service/program name: Nexus Outpatient Services
Description: Nexus is currently accepting referrals for outpatient treatment for children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems. Our services include: Assessments, Therapy & Counseling, Consultation Services, and Professional Training. Nexus Outpatient Services is an outreach extension of Indian Oaks and Onarga Academies.
Phone: 815.932.2300
Website: www.nexustreatment.org

Service/program name: Young Boys Program
Description: This program helps young boys acknowledge the abuse they may have suffered, and the abuse they may caused, by providing affirming relationships with counselors and therapists.
Phone: 815.468.2300
Website: www.nexustreatment.org

Service/program name: Education
Description: Residential treatment center and school located in the Manteno School District.
Phone: 815.468.2300

Service/program name: Developmentally Disabled Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Program
Description: This program, also known as the All Stars Program, is for male adolescents ages 15 to 21. It is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Children and Family Services (COA) and is an accredited Sexually Aggressive Children and Youth (SACY) program in the state of Illinois. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Case Managers, Sexuality and Family Therapists, Chemical Health Therapists, Recreational and Vocation Counselors, and medical staff are among the full complement of professionals available for each youth.

The All Stars Program is uniquely designed for developmentally disabled males who present harmful sexual behaviors. The program addresses the specific developmental issues faced by developmentally disabled adolescents in the areas of sexuality, chemical health, family relationships, and other behavioral conditions. Treatment takes place within a safe and respectful environment in which these young men learn to accept responsibility for their behavior, gain empathy for others and practice making healthier choices.
Target Gender: Boys
  General Information:
Description: Long-term residential treatment facility that specializes in the treatment of youth sex-offenders ranging in age from 8-19.

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