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Iroquois Kankakee Regional Office of Education

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901
Phone: 815.937.2950
Fax: 815.937.2921
Website: www.i-kan.org
Contact Person:

Dr. Gregg Murphy - Regional Superintendent of Schools

Contact Person:

Frank Petkunas - Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools

  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Attendance Assistance (Truancy Prevention)
Description: The I-KAN Attendance Assistance Program provides prevention and intervention services to children who have attendance problems.The prevention component has: INCENTIVE BULLETIN BOARDS - Sponsored by 30 area businesses and/or community leaders, bulletin boards are posted at 32 K-6 elementary schools along with two alternative programs to honor the classroom with the highest attendance each month. The winning class is awarded treats provided by the sponsoring business for that board. "MORSETTA THE MOOSE" - prevention programs that are presented to grades K-2 to promote the importance of school and school attendance. "GUPPY GAZETTE" - targets third grade students to increase self-esteem and to promote positive attitudes toward school attendance. "WELCOME ABOARD" - Through coordinated efforts of the I-KAN AAP, school board members and local merchants in each of four districts, packets of information were compiled with information relative to the school, particularly student attendance policies, coupons for certain services and community resource information. HOMELESS CHILDREN & YOUTH SERVICES - Case management and advocacy services are available for homeless youth. ABOLISH CHRONIC TRUANCE (ACT) PROGRAM - Iroquois and Kankakee State's Attorneys send notices and meet with students and their families, who fail to respond to the AAP intervention services informing them about Truancy laws.
The intervention component provides intensive case management for students who are truant.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: General Educational Development (G.E.D.)
Description: The program permits high school dropouts to write an examination and, if successful, secure their High School Equivalency Diploma. The Regional Office of Education has designated Kankakee Community College as the testing agent for this purpose. A graduation ceremony is held each spring at Kankakee Community College to honor those who have received their diploma.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: Professional Development
Description: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES - Numerous workshops and trainings are offered by the Regional Office.Complete listings and updates are posted on the I-KAN ROE website. PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANTS - The Regional Office maintains a list of professional educational consultants. These consultants presently serve or have served the ROE in various capacities. In most cases, the consultant is not on staff with the ROE, but is available for hire.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: Life Education Centers
Description: The Regional Office of Education, in cooperation with the Pledge for Life Partnership operates two Life Education Centers.The Life Education Center educators utilize two mobile classrooms to instruct Kindergarten-High School students in Kankakee and Iroquois County public and private schools on drug prevention and health promotion topics. The mobile classrooms were purchased through fund-raising efforts. The curriculum, which utilizes high-technology, teaches drug abuse resistance through respect for one's person and health.Each year the Life Education Center sponsors two contests: The BEST PRACTICE CONTEST is for more than 600 of its participating teachers. Designed to bolster the lessons taught in its curriculum, monetarty awards are presented to teachers who develop creative reinforcement activities for their students. The BILLBOARD CONTEST enlists the talents of the Life Education Center's 5th and 6th grade students to assist in promoting its anti-substance abuse message. Incorporating the theme of "Wise Highs...Choices You Can Live With!" students develop artwork that will be used for publication on billboards throughout Kankakee and Iroquois counties.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: Public School Life Safety Inspections
Description: The safety and welfare of students is of prime concern to the boards of education and administrators of Iroquois and Kankakee counties. This office has the responsibility of conducting a Life Safety Inspection of each public school building on an annual basis. All buildings are inspected and reports filed with the respective Board of Education and the State Board of Education.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: Petition Hearings
Description: It is the responsibility of the Regional Superintendent as Secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees to process all legally drafted petitions dealing with territory, boundary and reorganization of school districts.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: Regional Alternative Attendance Center (R.A.A.C.)
Description: The I-KAN Regional Alternative Attendance Center (RAAC) is a non-traditional setting that allows at-risk youth to reach their potential. This program provides a stable environment conducive to learning for students in grades sixth through twelfth. The educational needs of these students will be met through: engaged learning opportunities in core curriculum areas; small group and individualized instruction; removal from violence-provoking environments; and training in conflict resolution, self-esteem enhancement, and social skills development. Due to discipline or behavioral related issues, I-KAN RAAC students have experienced difficulty with academic success. Their inappropriate behavior has significantly disrupted their educational process and/or the educational process of their classmates. The I-KAN RAAC program offers students an alternative to suspension or expulsion, and an opportunity for academic success. The three primary objectives of the I-KAN RAAC program are as follows: (1) to help identified students manage their own behavior to improve their ability to work well with others, (2) to help identified students develop the necessary academic skills to continue their education, and (3) to help identified students develop life/work skills to gain meaningful employment or career advancement in order to become productive members of the community.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: School Bus Driver Certification
Description: Each new school bus driver must attend an initial 8-hour safety course and all drivers must attend a three-hour refresher course each year in order to renew their bus permit. The Regional Superintendent is responsible for these trainings. The Regional Superintendent must also insure that the instructors for these classes are properly qualified and that all documentation of training is properly maintained. It is also the responsibility of the Regional Superintendent to serve as hearing officer for all school bus drivers who have two traffic violations during the past two years.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: School Improvement Services
Description: The I-KAN Regional Office of Education provides on going training and technical assistance in the area of school improvement. School Improvement includes training of new internal review teams, senior reviewer training, and on-site technical assistance for schools conducting internal reviews and receiving external reviews from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). This program also provides technical assistance for construction and reviewing of school improvement plans and curriculum alignment.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: School Recognition
Description: The Regional Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent conduct compliance reviews of school districts within the county in order to determine if such schools are meeting required standards for the State Board of Education recognition purposes. The districts in the I-KAN Region are on a five year compliance review cycle.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: Teacher Certification
Description: Determining proper teacher certification and qualification requirements have been a major responsibility of the office, currently done on-line in conjunction with ISBE.
Website: www.i-kan.org

Service/program name: After-School Programs
Description: The Teen REACH program seeks to help participating youth to develop postitive expectations for their future success through structured activities during out-of-school time. The purpose of the programs is to increase academic success and to reduce a myriad of risk-taking behaviors. Supervised activities include academic assistance, sports and recreation, adult and peer mentoring, and life skills education.
Website: www.i-kan.org
  General Information:
Description: Serves as a liaison between the Illinois State Board of Education and the citizens in Kankakee and Iroquois counties. The Regional Office of Education works with school districts, educators, parents, community members, and business leaders to meet the educational needs of children. While supporting the value of life-long learning, the primary focus of the office is related to the kindergarten through high school educational needs of the community.
Agency Type: County
Territory/Geographical area: Kankakee & Iroquois Counties

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901
Email: kan-i-help.org