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Kankakee County Community Services, Inc.

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 657 East Court Street, Suite 207
Kankakee, IL 60901
Phone: 815.933.7883
Fax: 815.933.0635
Email: vclark@kccsi-cap.org
Website: http://www.kccsi-cap.org
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Affordable Housing
Description: Affordable Housing: KCCSI operates three affordable housing units for the benefit of low-income families. These are Section 8 units. A staff member works with the family to ensure they are able to take advantage of services that are available within and outside of the agency.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: Child Care Assistance
Description: Financial assistance for families working or going to school. Payments are made to licensed child care providers. Parents meet on a weekly basis with a KCCSI staff member; together they work on goals as the family moves toward self-sufficiency.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: College Scholarship Program
Description: College scholarships are awarded each spring to qualifying graduating seniors or college students. The CSBG Scholarship Program is designed to provide financial assistance to low-income and disadvantaged persons of high academic attainment or potential with preference given to applicants of ethnic or racial minorities.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: Energy Assistance ( LIHEAP)
Description: Provides an offset to the high cost of heat-related utilities for low-income families. This program provides a one-time direct vendor payment on behalf of the client to the utility vendor(s). For households that are disconnected from a heating source, the emergency services program provides guidelines to get the household reconnected within 48 hours from the date the application is completed.

Emergency Furnace Program: provides assistance to eligible homeowners with a non-operational furnace. The assistance provided is repair, retrofit, or replacement within 48 hours from the date the application is complete.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: Home Weatherization Program
Description: This program provides the materials and labor to help make homes more safe, comfortable and energy efficient for both low-income homeowners and renters. Insulating attics and walls, repairing windows and doors, sealing cracks with weatherstrip and caulk are common elements included in this service. Our services may also include the examination of your furnace by a professional heating contractor to make sure it is safe and operating properly. If necessary, we will clean and tune your furnace; perform minor repairs; retrofit the furnace to achieve maximum efficiency and performance; or if dangerous conditions are found to exist, we may replace the heating system.

Homeowners with qualifying ncome levels are eligible for Weatherization services at no charge. Renters may be eligible for services if the landlord agrees to pay one-half the cost of the materials and labor applied to the residence. Eligibility for these services is determined by family size and income level.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: Homebuyer's Club
Description: Stop dreaming about the "American Dream." Here is an opportunity to begin living the American Dream. Maybe you've been thinking that home ownership is just too far beyond your means - this club provides you with the information, skills, and support that can help you become a homeowner. First-time homebuyers can have an expert help them cut through the red tape of purchasing their own home through counseling and instructional sessions that include: (1) How to save for a downpayment; (2) How to budget your money while "curing" an ill credit rating; (3) How to select a home best suited to your needs and your budget; and (4) How to get the most house for the least money.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: Homeless Aid Program
Description: Offers assistance to those who find themselves homeless or near-homeless. The program offers temporary emergency shelter, transitional shelter, rent assistance, case management and referral assistance as resources and space allows.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: Senior Nutrition - (dining hall/home delivered meals)
Description: Designed for people over the age of 60, this program provides nutritious noon meals at an affordable price. Silver Harvest caters to the need for companionship by offering dining hall services to those seniors who are "out and about" during the day. In addition to meals, you will find entertaining recreational and education activities at the dining hall.

locations are:

657 East Court Street, Kankakee
Pembroke Senior Center, Hopkins Park
Limestone Township Hall, Kankakee
Sun River Terrace

Home Delivered Meals:

For those who may be frail, homebound, or isolated due to illness may have your meals delivered to your door. Our courteous staff will bring you a hot, delicious and nutritious noon meal Monday through Friday.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: Small Business Loan/Economic Development
Description: By offering low-interest loans to small businesses, this program creates jobs and opportunities for low-income people within the community of Kankakee. If you have a sound business plan and want to start a small business - we can help. If you are currently engaged in a small business and want to expand - we can help.

CSBG Revolving Loan Program: provides long-term fixed rate financing to new or expanding companies in exchange for job creation and employment for low-income individuals.
Phone: 815.933.7883

Service/program name: Food Pantry
Description: Provides food to help meet the nutritional needs of low-income individuals and/or families. Food is distributed based on the family size.

Service/program name: Emergency Assistance
Description: Provides cash assistance to those income eligible clients facing a one-time emergency. These services may include but are not limited to those individuals and families that are in need of help with rental or shelter assistance, utility assistance, or mortgage payment assistance.

Service/program name: Family and Community Development
Description: Provides case management to families. The family and case manager work together to establish long and short term goals and steps needed to achieve them. The Family Self-Sufficiency Scale is used to document the Family's progress towards self-suffiiency.

Service/program name: Senior Citizen Activity Program - Senior C.A.P.
Description: Allows seniors to partake in daily activities and socialization. Seniors have a safe, comfortable, and easily accessible location to meet regularly for activities and fellowship. It is a second home to over 200 senior citizens who join each other daily to meet their need for socialization as well as health and welfare issues.

Senior C.A.P. serves as a very important outing for seniors who do not have other avenues of entertainment. This program offers seniors a place to enjoy themselves with the comfort of friends and the confidence that they are still independent and productive. Seniors can participate in bingo, card games, field trips, line dancing, pool and lots of fellowship. In addition. they are offered health screenings, information on safe driving, and many community-related topics. This senior program serves as a positive environment for the elderly community to remain productive members in a society that they have supported all of their lives.
Phone: 815.933.7883
  General Information:
Description: Nonprofit community action agency that works to alleviate the effects of poverty on low-income families, and/or individuals in Kankakee County. Provides programs to help people become more self-sufficient.
Agency Type: Non-profit

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901
Email: kan-i-help.org