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Kankakee County Health Department

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 2390 West Station Street
Kankakee, IL 60901
Phone: 815.802.9400
Fax: 815.802.9391
TDD Phone: 815.802.9312
Email: info@kankakeehealth.org
Website: www.kankakeehealth.org
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Breastfeeding Counselor
Description: Provides individual telephone counseling, individual office visits if necessary,and breastfeeding classes.

Service/program name: Childbirth Education Class
Description: Childbirth Education Classes are offered to pregnant women and their birth partner.
This class is an overview of labor and delivery, not a Lamaze class. Lamaze classes and hospital tours are offered at their hospital. A Hispanic childbirth class is held every other month.

Service/program name: Communicable Diseases
Description: Investigation and disease surveillance of reportable communicable disease, including TB and food borne illness. Provides education and prevention services.

Service/program name: Community In-Service Program
Description: Upon request, environmental health staff are available to present discussion on a variety of services. Videos are also available.

Service/program name: Family Case Management
Description: Provides case management to pregnant women, infants and children. Case management assists pregnant and young children with obtaining access to prenatal and child care, immunization and screenings. Must be Medicaid eligible.

Service/program name: Food Sanitation
Description: The food protection program includes the permitting, inspection, education, and regulation of all restaurants, retail food stores, cafeterias, mobile food vendors, caterers, and temporary food events located in the county.

Service/program name: Genetics Screening
Description: Pregnant women, infants and children will be screened for the risk of genetic disorder and referred for genetic counseling as appropriate.

Service/program name: Health Works
Description: Health Works of Illinois is a collaborative effort of the Department of Children & Family Services and Healthcare and Family Services(Public Aid) and Public Health. The program provides medical case management to DCFS wards up to age six and interim case management for DCFS wards age six and older.

Service/program name: HIV Counseling & Testing
Description: The Health Department provides counseling and testing for HIV-AIDS. Anonymous testing is by appointment.

Service/program name: Immunization Program
Description: Provides immunization to children and adults. Vaccines available for children are Diptheria, Pertusis, Tetanus, Pollio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, HIB, Hepatitis B, and Varicella, pneumococcol, Hepatitis A, and meningoccal. Vaccines available for adults include Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A., , shingles,Flu, Polio,varicella,and meningococcal. Appointments are required.
Current immunization records are required for childhood immunizations.

Service/program name: Kidcare Health Insurance
Description: KCHD provides assistance in completing the KidCare/All Kids application. KidCare is a health insurance program provided by the State of Illinois for pregnant women and children administered by the Department of Health & Family Services (IPA). Parents who already have health insurance for their children may be eligible for KidCare Rebate. KidCare Rebate can reimburse the parent for part of the cost of the child's health insurance.

Service/program name: Lead Screening
Description: Tests for lead poisoning in children 6 months to 6 years. Education and counseling available.

Service/program name: Nuisance Complaint
Description: Includes the investigation and resolution of select public and environmental health related complaints registered with the department. Categories include but are not limited to air, land and water pollution; open burning, improper storage and disposal of garbage and refuse; stagnant water; the harborage and/ or breeding of vermin.

Service/program name: Private Wells
Description: The private well program includes the plan review, permitting, and on-site inspection of newly installed wells. It also includes proposed subdivision approvals, sanitary surveys and related land transaction application sites.

Service/program name: Private Sewage Disposal
Description: The private sewage disposal program includes the plan review, permitting, and on-site inspection of both newly installed septic systems and any subsequent repairs made on existing septic systems. It also includes proposed residential developments, the performance of property transactions, and the inspection of sewage pumping/ hauling vehicles and related land transaction application sites.

Service/program name: Sanitary Survey
Description: Provides evaluation of septic and well systems.

Service/program name: School Health Programs
Description: Supports fluoride treatment programs administered in schools.

Service/program name: Solid Waste
Description: Educate the general public regarding the proper practices of solid waste storage and disposal. Provide nuisance prevention and control information to the public.

Service/program name: STD/HIV Surveillance, Counseling & Testing
Description: Provides screening for sexually transmitted diseases including gonorrhea,syphylis,chlaymadia, and HIV. Appropriate treatment and referrals are also available.

STD Clinic:
Confidential testing for sexually transmitted diseases takes place Wednesdays at the Kankakee County Heatlh Department. Fee is $10.00, which covers exams, doctor's visit and any prescriptions for medications recommended by the physician.

Service/program name: Tanning
Description: Provides for the plan review and routine inspection of all State licensed tanning facilities located within the county.

Service/program name: Tuberculosis Control
Description: Provides mantoux skin-testing with appropriate follow up screening to determine diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. TB skin-testing is done by appointment.

Service/program name: Mosquito/ West Nile Program
Description: Monitoring potential sources and outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases (i.e. WNV); providing advice and consultation on prevention and control; Educationg the public through outreach efforts; Enforcement of nuisance ordinances; Serving as a hub of information to multiple county jurisdictions

Service/program name: WIC
Description: Provides nutrition education, health screening and nutritious foods to eligible pregnant women, postpartum or breastfeeding women, their infants, and children to age 5 who have special nutrition and health needs. Provides health and diet assessment. Individual diet/nutrition counseling. Group nutrition education. Health and social service referrals. Coupons for specific nutritious foods.

Service/program name: Cancer Screening
Description: Coordinates comprehensive breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment to eligible women through our case management services.

Service/program name: Vision and Hearing Screening
Description: The Health Department provides vision and hearing screenings for children in school and pre-school.

Service/program name: Smoking Prevention/Cessation
Description: Provides prevention programs and tobacco cessation clinics for adults.

Service/program name: Disaster Preparedness

Service/program name: Pregnancy Testing
Description: Pregnancy testing is available by appointment. Nominal fee or medicaid accepted. Referral to prenatal care.
  General Information:
Description: Provides public health services that protect, maintain, and promote the bio-psycho-social health and well-being of the community.
Agency Type: County
Territory/Geographical area: Kankakee County only

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901
Email: kan-i-help.org