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Options Center for Independent Living

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 22 Heritage Drive, Suite 107
Bourbonnais, IL 60914
Phone: 815.936.0100
Fax: 815.936.0117
TDD Phone: 815.936.0132 or 815.432.1361
Email: optionscil@optionscil.org
Website: www.optionscil.org
  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 130 Laird Lane, Suite 103
Watseka, IL 60970
Phone: 815.432.1332
Fax: 815.432.1360
Email: optionscil@optionscil.org
Website: www.optionscil.org
Contact Person:

Therese Cardosi - Executive Director

  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Accessibility Information
Description: Provides information about ADA Titles II and III compliance, Illinois Accessibility Code, and home adaptation. Options serves as a resource for information to area businesses and organizations about issues related to accessibility and the ADA.
Phone: 815.936.0100

Service/program name: Advocacy
Description: Options provides both personal and systemic advocacy services. Personal advocacy empowers an individual with a disability to pursue the lifestyle he or she chooses. Consumers who wish to be self-advocates are given advice and support on effective means of accessing various service systems. For those consumers who need assistance in advocating for themselves, Options staff can also act as representatives. Systemic advocacy is pursued as Options strives to eliminate barriers to equal access and opportunities for all persons with disabilities. Through various public awareness activities, special events, and participation in the legislative process, Options works to promote and affect positive change on local, state, and national levels.
Phone: 815.936.0100

Service/program name: Equipment Loan
Description: People in need of small equipment for disabilities may be able to lease this equipment through an equipment loan program coordinated by Options. Such items available for loan are wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. Availability of items varies at any point in time, depending on items in use and those in inventory.
Phone: 815.936.0100

Service/program name: Independent Living Skills Training
Description: Options works cooperatively with the Office of Rehabilitation Services and area schools and organizations to provide appropriate training in independent living skills through job skills, employment assistance, housing acquisition, and personal assistance programs.
Phone: 815.936.0100

Service/program name: Information & Referral
Description: Options provides current information on adaptive equipment, housing, support services, employment, and other issues for persons with disabilities and the general public. Referrals are made to outside sources, including community agencies and service providers, whenever appropriate.
Phone: 815.936.0100

Service/program name: Peer Support
Description: The peer-support program at Options can match a person with a disability with another person who has a similar disability or life experience. These peer counselors provide role modeling, exhibit strong coping and problem-solving skills, and share the benefit of their knowledge about community resources. Options also facilitates a support group for persons with all types of disabilities and a support group for persons with visual impairments. Call for information.
Phone: 815.936.0100

Service/program name: Personal Assistance Program
Description: Options provides orientation for personal assistants for people with disabilities. Personal assistants (PAs) are individuals who work for people with disabilities in their homes, assisting them with the tasks of daily living, such as dressing, preparing meals, shopping, or other activities. Options maintains an active registry of personal assistants for use by people with disabilities who hire and manage their Pas. Options also provides PA management training for people with disabilities to help them effectively recruit, screen, train, and manage Pas.
Phone: 815.936.0100

Service/program name: Amplified Phone and TTY Distribution and Training
Description: Options is designated by the Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC) to demonstrate amplified phones and to distribute TTYs (teletypewriter devices) for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, or who have speech impairments. Options also provides training to consumers, their family members, and businesses on how to use TTYs, and arranges for exchanges and/or repairs of the equipment.
Phone: 815.936.0100

Service/program name: Vision Services
Description: Provides vision services to individuals 55 and older who have significant vision impairments and want to maintain independent living. Individuals can try out many types of independent living aids in Options' Vision Assistive Technology Center to determine which aids will improve their ability to perform daily living tasks. Other services include free adaptive equipment, independent living skills training, Braille service, advocacy, and a vision support group.

Service/program name: Community Reintegration Program
Description: Works with adults with disabilities ages 18-59 whose goal is to live independently rather than in a nursing home. Qualified individuals are provided with services and support systems needed in order to move into their own residence and live independently.
  General Information:
Description: Non-residential, not-for-profit, community-based organization that promotes independent living for people with disabilities by providing information/referral, advocacy, peer support, independent living skills training, free equipment loan, community reintegration program, personal assistance program, TTY distribution, sign language interpreter referral, assistive technology center for people with vision impairment, vision services, and youth services.

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