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Riverside HealthCare

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 350 North Wall Street
Kankakee, IL 60901
Phone: 815.933.1671
Fax: 815.928.6269
Website: www.riversidehealthcare.org
  Agency Contact Information:
Address: Riverside Health FitnessCenter
100 Fitness Drive
Bourbonnais, IL 60914
Phone: 815.929.1200
Website: www.riversidehealthcare.org
Contact Person:

Phil Kambic - President/CEO

  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Auxillary
Description: The Auxillary sponsors Lifeline which is a personal emergency response system in addition to fundraising (i.e. giftshop inside hospital)
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Community Health Centers
Description: Compassionate, quality medical care is available right in your neighborhood as a Riverside Community Health Center. In addition to general and specialty physician care, our community health centers offer convenient hours, on-site laboratory, and x-ray* services, minor outpatient procedures, and health education programs.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Community Services
Description: Community Services include: Alcohol/Substance Abuse Treatment; Ambulance; Breast Center; Cancer Center; Cardiology Services; Care-A-Van; Chest Pain Hotline; Community Education Services; Community Relations; Community Services; Corporate Health Services; Health Equipment; Home Health Care; INSTA-CARE; Lifeline;
Mental Health Services; Pediatric Services; Pharmacy; Physician Referral Service; Reference Lab; Senior Advantage; Sleep Apnea laboratory; Support Groups; Women & Children's Services; and Women & Family Center.

Service/program name: Corporate Health Services
Description: Provide employers with expertise for the management of their employees' work-incurred injuries and illnesses. The only area clinic with an experienced, full-time, occupational medicine physician on its staff. Focus on the employer's needs for safe worksites, as well as enhanced employee productivity. Programs and services offered: hearing conservation, testing, and education; health evaluations for executives, job placement, insurance, and drivers; screenings for drug/alcohol abuse, back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and prostate, bowel, and breast cancer; OSHA and state surveillance for hazard exposure, such as lead, asbestos, and pesticides; ergonomic worksite evaluations and education for trainers and employees; and weight management programs. Call us at 815.935.7532 to set a convenient time to discuss your present needs, and future goals for a healthy tomorrow.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Foundation
Description: Provides scholarships, funding for diabetes education, continual endowment, state planning, grants, rememberance memorial gifts, special events, cradle crowd services.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Health & Fitness Center
Description: Special programs include: Weight Management, Nutrition Counseling, Individualized Fitness Programming, Physical Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, and Alternative Therapies. Also offered: aerobics, climbing wall, racquetball, Health Heart Cafe, sauna/steam rooms, free weights, strength circuit training, cardio theater, gymnasium, woman's day spa, indoor track, lap pool, warm water therapy pool, and child care. Located on Route 45/52 at 100 Fitness Drive, Bourbonnais, IL.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Home Health Care
Description: Home Health Care provides convenient and cost-effective services in the comfort of your home. Skilled nursing services, including wound care, infusions, and injections are offered. Our complete professional therapy services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. In a Home Health Care setting, therapy services may be designed to meet a variety of needs, including: Initiate or continue rehabilitation; Restore function or improve strength; Diminish pain; Minimize Disability; and Evaluate and advise on modifications in the home. Other services provided include rehabilitation, cardiac home health, pediatric home health, highly technical nursing care, psychiatric home health and pill paks.

Service/program name: Hospital-Based Inpatient Services
Description: Inpatient Services include: Nutrition Services; Coronary Care Unit; Diabetes Center; Health Equipment; Home Health Care; Neurosurgery; Occupational Therapy; Pastoral Care; patient Liaison; Physical Therapy; Radiology Services; Rehabilitation Services; Respiratory Care; Social Services; Speech Therapy; and Volunteer Services.

Service/program name: Hospital-Based Outpatient Services
Description: Outpatient Services include: Alcohol/Substance Abuse; Cancer Center; Emergency Trauma Center; EMS Trauma; Endoscopy/Special Procedures Lab; Genetic Counseling Clinic; Geriatric Services; Industrial Rehabilitation; Mental Health Services; Occupational Therapy; Outpatient Center; Pain Management Center; Pediatric Cardiology Clinic; Pediatric Therapy; Physical Therapy; Radiology Services; Rehabilitation Services; Sleep Apnea Laboratory; Speech Therapy; and Mental Health Outpatient Services.

Service/program name: Lymphedema Therapy
Description: Depending on the extensiveness of surgery for breast cancer, postoperative side effects range from mild to severe. Those symptoms can include degrees of swelling of the arm on the operated side, muscular and surgical pains, decreased shoulder mobility and scar management. Specialized treatment for lymphedema secondary to surgery for breast cancer is a key component of the Lymphedema program. Lymphedema can significantly affect a patient's quality of life, causing the inability to perform activities of daily living, loss of sensation in the affected extremity or development of emotional problems. Through Lymphedema therapy, we want women to regain and attain a new degree of comfort, freedom of movement and functionality. Our services include: * Hands-on lymphatic drainage (to redirect the accumulated fluid out of the affected arm into the tissues); * Use of a compression pump in the patient's therapy regimen (to help reduce swelling); * Exercise training that includes range-of-motion (ROM), strengthening and aerobics (to aid in filtering the lymph system); and * Teaching how to self-apply compression bandaging (to equip women to continue edema control at home).

Service/program name: Mobile HealthCare
Description: Offers comprehensive, quality healthcare on-site, while extending the reach of our wellness staff to health fairs, schools, churches and businesses. Completely wheel-chair accessible, the Mobile HealthCare facility combines state-of-the-art design with medical and radiological technology by utilizing three distinct interior sections: one for waiting, another for examination, and a third for mammography and x-ray services. The facility also offers a wide-range of health screening options and services, including: Immunization capabilities, Physical examinations, Lab studies, Occupational health screenings, Eye & ear exams, General health & wellness screenings, Cancer screenings, and Cardiac screenings.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Outpatient Physical Therapy
Description: Our goal in physical therapy is to prepare program participants through the necessary exercises and home guidelines to become pain-free, independent, and return to work. Our Physical Therapy staff works with orthopedic and neurologic patients. Our program participants represent a variation of every age and background. Diagnoses include: Amputees; Arthritis; Back Rehab (post-injury or surgery); Cerebral Vascular Injuries; Therapy; Head Injuries; Motor Vehicle Injuries; Orthopedic Fractures; Parkinson's Disease; Shoulder Injuries; Spinal Cord Injuries; Sports Injuries.

Service/program name: Outpatient Speech/Language Pathology
Description: Speech/Language Pathology is a specialized treatment process which caters to patients experiencing difficulty in one or more areas of speech/language. Our licensed therapists carry masters' degrees from accredited universities in Speech/Language Pathology. They have dedicated their careers to ensuring that every individual patient reaches his or her maximum potential. When you leave the Speech/Language Pathology Department, you will carry all of the tools necessary to communicate and function in your community. We also work both independently with patients and in conjunction with Riverside's Physical and Occupational Therapy programs - depending on the specific needs of our patients. The Speech/Language Pathology Department provides evaluation and treatment to patients experiencing difficulty in one or more of the following areas: Speech; Language; Voice; Cognition; Developmental Delays; and Swallowing Disorders. Specialized services may include Videostroboscopy for Voice; and Videofluroscopy for Swallowing Disorders.

Service/program name: Physician Referral
Description: Works with potential patients to find an M.D. that best suits their needs.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Reference Lab
Description: Riverside Reference Laboratory provides complete laboratory testing, courier pick-up, and automated reporting services for physician offices, clinics, nursing homes, and other organizations. We have all the features you want in a reference lab, including quality, service, rapid response and convenience, all at competetive prices. Fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists.- Laboratory is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;- Customized profiles provided for your individual needs;- Customized laboratory continuing education programs for you and your staff;- Pathologists and technologists available for consultation;- Specimens held for 7 days for additional test requests;- Itemized billing to account, patient, or Medicare/Medicaid;- Consulting services available for CLIA and OSHA issuesFor more information about the Riverside Reference Laboratory, please call 815.935.R LAB (935.7522).
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Riverside Family Pharmacy
Description: A full pharmacy conveniently located in Riverside Medical Center, offering delivery of prescriptions and a discount for Senior Advantage members. Fills prescriptions and explains uses of drugs to patients.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Riverside Health Equipment
Description: Riverside Health Equipment leases, sells, and services medical equipment and supplies for use in the home or office. Services include: experienced staff of professionals to help you, 24-hour assistance, free delivery and pick-up, medicare & insurance claims filed for you. We stock a large inventory of medical equipment, including a full scope of respiratory therapy equipment and mastectomy products/services. Additional services include the Home Infusion Program enables patients to receive IV (intravenous) medication in their home and quality uniforms/accessories for healthcare professionals.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Rush-Riverside Heart Center
Description: The state-of-the-art Rush-Riverside Open Heart Surgery Program was developed in partnership with Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center. It combines the expertise, skill and technology of the heart program ranked #1 in Chicago* (*U.S. News & World Report, 1999 "America's Best Hospitals" guide) and the knowledge, training and professionalism of our own cardiac Home Team. Among the new services we are now able to offer are: the very latest in HEART DIAGNOSTICS; ANGIOPLASTY, a non-surgical treatment to clear clogged arteries; open-heart procedures such as CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS and HEART VALVE SURGERY...plus comprehensive CARDIAC REHABILITATION.

Service/program name: Senior Living
Description: Provides a full continuum of Senior Adult Living Care:WESTWOOD OAKS (100 Westwood Oaks Court, Kankakee, 815.935.3273) - a retirement community for independent senior adults,
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Sports Medicine
Description: (1) Riverside's Health Fitness Center houses clinical services and the most advanced rehab and training equipment including: O.A.K. Sports Medicine; Riverside Open MRI, Radiology Service, Warm Water Therapy/Rehab Pool, 5-lane Lap Pool; Performance Research & Assessment; TechnoGym Cardio-Vascular Equipment, Heart-rate monitored; Paramount Rotary Weight Equipment & Olympic Free Weight Area; Indoor track and full size gymnasium. (2) Sports Medicine Out-Reach Services include but are not limited to the following: * Pre-season sports physicals screening; * Weekly visits by licensed athletic trainers to schools for injury screening prevention conditioning, stretching and strengthening programs; * Physician and athletic trainer coverage for school athletic events; * Initial Care Assessment, Advanced First Aid and Treatment, EMS transportation; * Appropriate Communication - Athlete, Parent, Coach; * Appropriate Referral - Family Phyisician, Orthopedic referral; and * Educational Presentations. (3) We will work with the Athletic Departments/Schools to: * Develop/establish a functional training room for athletes; * Establish athletic emergency procedures; * Identify potential facility hazards; * Ordering athletic training/medical supplies; and * Coordinating/scheduling needed event coverage. (4) Individual Clinical Services include: * Pre-participation physical evaluations; * Evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of sprains, strains, fractures and other injuries related to sports and exercise; * Arthroscopic surgery; * Total joint replacement; * Aggressive/Comprehensive injury rehabilitation; * Executive fitness and physical evaluations; * Functional athletic enhancement programs/classes; and * On-call physicians 24 hrs. per day.

Service/program name: Total Joint Resources Program
Description: There are over 120 various types of arthritis that can affect joints all over the body. Many of these types of arthritis will have the same or very similar symptoms, such as intense pain and swelling. However, correct treatment for the different types of arthritis can vary greatly, and for this reason, it is imperative that you receive an accurate diagnosis of your condition from an orthopedic surgeon. By locating the precise source of pain, the exact problem can be determined along with a recommended treatment plan. The overall focus of the program is to return you to complete health following joint replacement surgery through a team approach. Members of the team include specially trained nurses and technicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and educators, as well as certified orthopedic nurses. Total Joint Resources conducts free seminars designed to educate the general public. Weekly topics of discussion include normal anatomy, possible causes of pain, common symptoms associated with arthritis, different types of arthritic conditions and the importance of diagnosis. Various treatment options are also addressed which include basic diet and exercise, as well as medications and surgical procedures, such as arthroscopic and total joint replacement.

Service/program name: Women's Health Center
Description: The Women's Health Center at Riverside has taken to heart the special and unique needs of a woman during all the stages of her life. In our warm, inviting setting, you'll find valuable, personal information and services that respect your privacy and individuality. Your convenience is our focus. Our extensive schedule includes evening and Saturday appointments that always allow plenty of time for questions and discussion. You can take advantage of a full-range of woman-specific services and information, that include: Mammography & Breast Self Exam, Osteoporosis, Menopause, Fertility, Arthritis, Cancer, Cardiac Health, and Behavioral Health. We'll also help you connect with appropriate avenues of care and follow through on services. If you decide you want to see a medical specialist or behavorial health professional we'll help you find the right person and schedule the appointment for you.
Phone: 815.933.1671

Service/program name: Ambulatory Infusion Center
Description: The first in the region, Riverside's Ambulatory Infusion Center provides patients with a convenient and comfortable alternative for outpatient infusion therapy services. The Center enables patients to receive medications that are typically given intravenously, or as an injection.

Under physician orders, nurses specially trained in infusion delivery will administer injections, transfusions, or IV treatments of all kinds to address a variety of conditions and illnesses, including infections, anemias, dehydration, arthritis, heart failure and any number of medical needs.
Phone: 815.935.3272

Service/program name: Mentally Ill Support Group
Description: Program for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive order patients, their relatives, and caregivers. Class takes place at 7:00 p.m. on Monday at Riverside Medical Center. Call 697-2528
Phone: 815.697.2528

Service/program name: Sleep Center
Description: Riverside Medical Center's Sleep Center works to resolve problems associated with sleeping patterns. Once a problem has been identified, a Riverside Sleep Center physician, specially trained in this type of disorder, evaluates the individual's symptoms and reviews medical history to determine if further testing is required.
Phone: 815.933.2784

Service/program name: Support Group
Description: Narcotics Anonymous support group.
Phone: 815.933.1671
  General Information:
Description: Provides full spectrum of inpatient, outpatient, and community services.
Agency Type: Non-profit
Languages spoken: English, translation can be provided for Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, Serbian, Shona/Zulu

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901
Email: kan-i-help.org