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University of Illinois at Chicago/Division of Specialized Care for Children

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 510 Devonshire, Suite A
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: 217.333.6528
Fax: 217.244.4212
TDD Phone: 217.244.8390
Toll Free Phone: 800.779.0889
Email: dscc@uic.edu
Website: www.uic.edu/hsc/dscc
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Care Coordination & Medical Financial Assistance
Description: DSCC offers care coordination, benefits management, and financial assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of children from birth to age 21 with eligible special health care needs. Special health care needs include chronic disabling conditions such as heart defects, orthopedic conditions, cerebral palsy, hearing impairments, neurological disorders, urinary system problems, some eye impairments, certain inborn errors of metabolism, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis and some craniofacial conditions such as cleft lip/palate. Financial assistance is based on parental income and available private insurance must be utilized prior to expenditure of DSCC funds. Care coordination and benefits management is provided to eligible children regardless of financial eligibility. DSCC offers services that include reduced cost or no-cost diagnosis and treatment in an office, clinic, hospital, or other special treatment area. When physician specialists recommend them, DSCC provides braces, hearing aids, and other special equipment and services. DSCC staff work with the child's family, physician specialists, and other service providers to develop the most appropriate program for the child. Please NOTE: DSCC only provides specialized medical care and services. DSCC cannot provide help for acute childhood illnesses, routine dental or well-child care, immunizations, or school physical examinations.
Website: www.uic.edu/hsc/dscc

Service/program name: Children's Health - Children & Adolescent Center
Description: The University of Illinois Medical Center’s Children and Adolescent Center offers outstanding health care from infancy through the teen years. Our experts are dedicated to providing all latest treatment options – from routine needs to rare chronic diseases. In some cases, we provide specialized child services that cannot be found elsewhere in Chicago. The University of Illinois Medical Center is affiliated with the nations largest medical school. Children have access to all recognized treatments from the doctors who discover the causes and develop the cures.

The Children and Adolescent Center is the place to come for all of a child’s health needs. At the Medical Center, children with asthma gain the freedom to enjoy sports by learning to reduce their risk of asthma attacks. Children with diabetes learn to manage blood sugar, sometimes without insulin. Here, healthy children and those with health needs meet the University of Illinois experts who know how to treat kids.

In Tune with Kids
At the University of Illinois Medical Center’s Children and Adolescent Center, we understand how children are unique. We specialize in child-focused care, not adult-style medicine that is shrunk to size for kids.

The growth process influences a child’s response to illness, injury, and potential medical or surgical interventions. Therefore, our approach considers each child’s physical growth and emotional needs at different ages and stages of development.

Sensitive Primary Care Throughout Childhood
Fortunately, most boys and girls move through childhood without major health problems. For those children, it is important to get checkups each year. Our primary care doctors and nurse practitioners can make sure each child is up to date with all immunizations, alert parents or guardians to unusual health needs, and treat common childhood illnesses, such as strep throat or ear infections. Because we specialize in care for kids, our doctors, nurses, and clinical staff know how to make office visits less frightening.

More than 100 Specialists to Meet Your Child’s Health Needs
With more than 100 child health specialists in 25 clinical areas, we have what it takes to meet your child’s health care needs. We give parents options. When you have options, you can take control of your child’s health and life.

Website: http://uillinoismedcenter.org/
  General Information:
Description: Any Illinois child from birth to age 21 may qualify for no-cost diagnostic services if it is suspected that an eligible medical condition exists.
Languages spoken: any language

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Kankakee, IL 60901
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