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East Central Illinois Community Action Agency

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 210 North Central
PO Box 6
Gilman, IL 60938
Phone: 815.265.4685
Fax: 815.265.4688
Toll Free Phone: 800.764.2555
Email: ecicaa@comaction.org
Website: http://www.comaction.org/
  Agency Contact Information:
Address: Administrative Office
56 North Vermillion Street
Danville, IL 61834
Phone: 217.443.2705
Fax: 217.431.0725
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Emergency Cash
Description: A limited amount of money may be accessed for an emergency. The situation must constitute an emergency such as repair of a furnace during the winter, broken refrigerator, or other emergency needs.

Service/program name: Food Pantry Referrals
Description: Referrals to local food pantries can sometimes be made through Community Action.

Service/program name: Head Start 0-3
Description: Head Start is a child development program that has served low-income children and their families since 1965. The Head Start programs in Ford and Iroquois counties have centers in Danville, Westville, Hoopeston, Watseka, Gilman, and Paxton. There is also a Home Base program in both Ford and Iroquois Counties. The Head Start program in the three-county area serves over 400 children and their families.

Service/program name: Information & Referral
Description: Information and referral given about and to other agencies which may provide services which our agency does not.

Service/program name: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Description: Program runs from September to the end of May. Assists persons with low income with the high cost of winter heating. If qualified, will make a one time payment to the gas and electric companies.

Service/program name: Rent Assistance
Description: Rent Assistance is provided for those families with low income who are behind in their rent, facing eviction, or are moving into a new residence and need help. The landlord must agree to receive a check from us and what we can pay generally will not pay the full amount.

Service/program name: Scholarship
Description: Scholarships are available during the spring. Can be used for two or four year colleges, junior colleges or trade schools. Amount is based upon need. Adults or high school seniors may apply.

Service/program name: Weatherization
Description: Program designed to make people's homes more energy efficient. Heating system is always checked and possibly repaired or replaced if needed. Other things which may be done include caulking, insulating, repairing or replacing glass in windows, etc. We do not do roofs. Nothing is done to improve the appearance of the house.

Service/program name: Youth Leadership Conference
Description: Students from families with low income are invited to take part in various activities. These can vary from year to year but are designed to allow children of families with low income to attend workshops and have educational experiences they may otherwise not have access to. Vermilion County holds their conference in conjunction with The Dust Bowl.
  General Information:
Description: Helps low-income families to receive assistance, which helps them to overcome a crisis or take steps to move toward self-sufficiency. Has Iroquois County Head Start information.
Agency Type: Non-profit

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901
Email: kan-i-help.org