Watseka School Relocation News

Monday, January 14, 2008

Watseka unit 9 superintendent Steve Bianchetta - Super Steve Bianchetta informs the public that school will resume on Monday for all but kindergarten and first grade. Kindergarten and first grades will resume on Tuesday as nettie davis is still in an non-operational status. classrooms are dry, but not the entire building and concerns remain with heating, pipes, and floor tiles. Bus routes will be different than usual, and all this information is available on the district website or WGFA website. It is specifically requested that parents of those children remaining home call the school so that all children are accounted for. Rural routes that are unable to be run will be contacted directly. Kindergarten will be held at The first united methodist church while first grades will be attended at st. Edmunds parish hall. While not ideal, they are sufficient for their needs at this time. Mr. Bianchetta goes on to praise all who assisted in all the recovery efforts. he also announces a clean-up day tentatively for this coming weekend. He thanks IWest for adopting the kindergarten and first grades to resupply basic school supplies and library books, as well as WGFA for the lifeline they have been to the entire community.

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