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Organizational/Community/International Services

Programs that provide any of a broad spectrum of services for the entire community or which reach beyond the boarders of a particular community, geographic region or the country as a whole and provide services that have international scope. Included are opportunities for individuals or groups to enjoy the artistic and cultural life of the community, participate in community improvement or service projects, have a voice in the political process, receive assistance in times of disaster, have access to information services, and/or benefit from the availability of a variety of services for residents, travelers, newcomers, community agencies, organizations, businesses and industry, and people who live abroad.

Arts and Culture
Programs that are devoted to the promotion and support of the arts and humanities and other services which encourage creativity and reflect and preserve the collective artistic, intellectual and cultural heritage of the community.

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Community Economic Development
Programs that provide a variety of services and activities that are intended to stimulate the economy, expand employment opportunities, encourage the establishment and growth of commerce and industry and otherwise enhance the economic development of the community. Many programs focus on impoverished communities and are structured to prevent the outflow of community dollars and retain and recycle income within the community by investing in the development of local institutions and businesses and thereby creating local jobs, sustaining local services and building a healthier local economy.

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Community Groups
Organizations or groups of individuals who have common interests or concerns who have joined together on a voluntary basis to provide targeted services for the community; offer information and guidance regarding the planning, implementation and evaluation of needed services; advocate for changes that will have a beneficial effect on the community and its residents; or introduce other ways of improving social, cultural, economic or environmental conditions.

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Community Services
Programs that facilitate the settlement of new residents in the community, assure that travelers' needs are met, marshal community resources on behalf of disadvantaged residents, provide for volunteer development, assure the availability of adequate space for meetings and service delivery, provide centralized administrative services, provide outlets for financial transactions, offer access to office equipment, manage the delivery of mail, encourage participation in the political process, administer services associated with the armed forces, and/or offer other similar services for community residents.

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Disaster Services
Public and private programs that provide emergency planning, preparedness, mitigation, response, relief and/or recovery services prior to, during and after a major fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, landslide, mudslide, snowstorm, drought, famine, explosion or nuclear accident, the outbreak of civil unrest, or other large-scale emergency of natural or human origin that disrupts the normal functioning of a community. The federal government recognizes four phases of disaster work: preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. Many community agencies add disaster relief as a phase during response and early recovery.

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Information Services
Programs that provide for the collection, classification, storage, retrieval and dissemination of recorded knowledge for the community. Included are electronic information resources, information and referral programs, information lines, library services, media services, public awareness/education campaigns, research data and rumor control activities.

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Occupational/Professional Associations
Programs that promote the interests of a specific trade or profession and provide informal educational and professional development opportunities under the auspices of a membership professional or occupational group or association, often through the medium of learned journals, periodicals, professional conferences, trade shows and expositions and other similar gatherings. Some of these programs may also establish standards which relate to the qualifications and performance of members and may accept and investigate complaints from the public concerning the practices of members; may maintain a service which refers the public to member individuals, groups, agencies or businesses; and may act as advocates for their own members, for association goals and/or for the recipients of their services.

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Organizational Development
Programs that strengthen and support human service organizations, small businesses and other groups and enhance their capacity to deliver products and services by providing management consulting services in the area of program planning, development, administration and/or evaluation; or which relate to specific technical facets of operation including board development, community economic development, community organizing, conference planning, facility administration, fiscal administration, fund disbursement and allocations, fund raising, personnel management, public relations, resource system development, service planning and delivery or strategic planning.

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